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Alison De Villiers
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Increased Auto Accidents in Snowy Weather

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As ice and snow accumulates in the Cincinnati area, this weather is unfortunately accompanied by an increase in auto accidents.

However, there are several things you can do to protect you and your passengers when it is necessary to venture out onto snowy or icy roads. First, slow down! Secondly, brake sooner than you normally would, as it may take you longer to stop. Also, turn on your lights and make sure the lights and your windshield are not covered by snow or ice. Finally, be careful on bridges and other roads that may freeze first.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you or your family members are involved in an auto accident, there are several things you should do immediately following an auto accident:
1. Seek medical attention if necessary. Remember that you may be in shock and may not feel the full extent of your injuries until later.
2. In snowy weather conditions, it may take longer for the police to make it to the scene, but make sure that an accident report is completed.
3. Get insurance information from all other drivers involved in the collision.
4. If you have a camera or camera phone, take pictures of the scene of the collision and the vehicles.
5. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses.