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Insurance Protects Teens And Parents In Case Of Auto Accident

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Parents have more to worry about than a dented fender if their teenage driver causes an auto accident. Ohio law holds a parent liable for damages or injuries caused by their teen’s negligent driving unless they have liability insurance in force at the time of the crash. It is very important for parents who are signing for their teen’s probationary license to be sure they have a good insurance policy. Discuss this with your insurance agent before you sign for the license. I strongly recommend staying away from Allstate Insurance Company.

Since teen drivers are often the ones seriously injured or killed in auto collisions it is recommended that they get advanced driver training. While their skills are not the best between ages 15-18, they can be improved. If your teen is involved in an accident make sure he/she knows how to exchange proper information with the other driver. It wouldn’t hurt to take pictures of both vehicles at the scene of the accident if a camera is handy. Even a camera phone can record valuable evidence.

Remember parents, get insurance coverage for your teenage driver, get them advanced driver training, and teach them what to do in case of an accident.