Cincinnati, Ohio


Alison De Villiers

How To Ensure Your Deck is Safe for Summer Gatherings

Let’s face it. Summers are for the outdoors. From backyard bbq’s to porch parties, the deck can be the centerpiece of a home for this time of year. Unfortunately, many homeowners take it upon…

Brett Goodson

Falls On Snow And Ice In Ohio

As winter grips most of the northern half of the United States citizens of Cincinnati are once again confronted with navigating treacherous roads and sidewalks covered with snow and ice. Care should…

Stephanie Day

Ohio Dog Bite Law – Assumption of the Risk is not a Permissible Defense

In Ohio, the owner, keeper, or harborer of a dog is liable in damages for any injury, death, or loss to a person or property that is caused by the dog. Ohio’s dog bite law is one of strict…

Alison De Villiers

What Duties Does Your Cincinnati Landlord Owe to You?

Under Ohio law, landlords have many responsibilities to their tenants. These laws are meant to protect the tenants from injury and financial harm. Regardless of the language in the lease, landlords…

Alison De Villiers

Responsibility of Property Owners to Protect from Slip and Fall Accidents in Snowy Weather

Ohio law says that an owner or occupier of a premises has no duty to remove natural accumulations of ice and snow from private walks and steps on the premises to protect from slip and fall accidents. It is thought that these natural accumulations are so “open and obvious” that those on the premises will discover dangers and protect themselves. Therefore, if a landlord or property owner fails…

Chrissie Cole

Kanawha Woman Suing Grocery Store for Slip and Fall

A woman has filed a personal injury lawsuit against a local grocery store after a slip and fall accident while shopping in the store.The lawsuit was filed on December 28th in Kanawha Circuit Court against Oakhurst Foods, Inc., (doing business as IGA).The woman was shopping in IGA on December 30, 2005 when she slipped on a substance on the floor and fell, according to court documents. The suit…