Cincinnati, Ohio


Chrissie Cole

Ohio Couple Killed in Car-Truck Accident

A Tiffin, couple was killed in a fatal car-truck accident yesterday, when their car went through a stop sign on Seneca County Road and was hit by a truck, according to Ohio Highway Patrol.A woman, 57 and her husband, 60, were both pronounced dead at the scene, according to Ohio Highway Patrol.The woman was traveling eastbound on County Road 6 at approximately 12:06 p.m. when it was struck by a…

Chrissie Cole

Truck Accident Closes Highway Over Nine Hours

A truck accident, Tuesday, on U.S. 6 had a two-mile portion of the highway closed down for nine hours after a trucker crashed and overturned his tractor-trailer. A broken utility pole and diesel fuel leak made ht situation that much worse.The accident happened at about 8:15am on US 6 between Ohio 2 and Ohio 269. Troopers were unable to reopen the highway until 5:00pm. The driver of the…

Chrissie Cole

Tractor Trailer Accident

The ramp for Northbound I-75 to Westbound Ronald Reagan is closed due to a tractor trailer accident.The truck was overturned midway through the ramp with the cab across the ramp and the trailer on its side off the roadway. No injuries were reported.Officials cleaned up the fuel spill.

Chrissie Cole

Man Working on Truck Killed

Kenneth T. Clowes, 49, an Athens County man, was pinned and killed under a dump truck bed yesterday, said the Sheriffs Office.Clowes was welding under the bed of a dump truck that had been separated from the chassis, when the dumper section fell on top of him. Chauncey firefighters and Southeast Emergency Medics helped to get Clowes out from underneath the bed. The coroner pronounced him dead at…

Chrissie Cole

Tanker Truck Crash Closes Highway

A tanker truck crashed while transporting 6,000 gallons of hazardous chemicals at approximately 5am on Monday on Ohio 18 just west of Hartland Center Road.The east-west highway was closed down until 3pm, said a spokeswoman for the Ohio State Highway Patrol.Other than fuel, none of the hazardous chemicals were released into the atmosphere, said Fire Chief Bob Johannsen.Two commercial trucks were…