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Brett Goodson

2011 Safety Resolutions: Safety At The Workplace

While countless hours are spent developing safety programs for those involved in physical labor such as construction and manufacturing, there seems to be less attention focused on safety in the…

Alison De Villiers

Can I Have a Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury Claim?

It is possible for a person to have a personal injury and workers’ compensation claims arising out of the same incident. So what is the difference?

A worker’s compensation claim is…

Alison De Villiers

Improper Disposal of Needles Can Lead to Serious Injuries

In the medical setting, needles are often used to deliver necessary and even life-saving medicines. But when needles are improperly disposed of, they can become very dangerous. Improperly…

Chrissie Cole

Ohio Worker Killed in Crane Accident

An Ohio construction accident involving a crane claimed the life of one work and seriously injured another worker at the work site of the Old Riverside Downs Racetrack along the Ohio River.Officials believe one of the victims is reported to be approximately 19-years- old, and the other middle aged. Officials were unable to release the names of the injured workers or any other details regarding…

Chrissie Cole

Construction Worker Killed in Crane Accident

A worker was crushed to death, Monday, in a construction accident when an 8-ton weight from a construction crane fell on him, police said.The worker, 51, of Fremont, employed by Mosser Construction Inc. for 18-years was helping other workers to dismantle the crane when one of the counterweights came loose and struck him. The worker was declared dead at the scene.He was supposed to drive one of…

Chrissie Cole

Worker Injured on Construction Site

A Columbus man is in serious condition at Ohio State University Medical Center after a suffering a shot to the neck by a nail gun yesterday, in a construction accident at Port Clinton Middle School where he was doing construction work.The man, 25, was shot with the air nail gun while working on decking at the middle school. The 3-inch nail entered his neck on the right side and was stuck, police…

Chrissie Cole

Ohio Man Killed in Kentucky Construction Accident

An Ohio man was tragically killed in a construction accident on Monday in eastern Kentucky.The accident occurred just after noon on Monday in Leslie County. Several people were working at the construction site on a log cabin when it gave way and collapsed, investigators said.Everyone one was able to escape in time with the exception of a 33-year-old man. He was trapped beneath a beam and later…

Chrissie Cole

Lakeview Porch Faulted in Fatal Fall

An inspection Tuesday, by the city, found rotted columns and inadequate bolts on the porches of a Lakeview apartment complex where a 25-year-old financial trader tragically fell to his death during a party on New Year’s Eve, said officials. Tenants are unable to use the porches until the violations are fixed, said Pete Scales, spokesman for Buildings Department.Michael Doyle was rearranging a…