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Alison De Villiers
Alison De Villiers
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Are We a Litigation Nation? Not According to the Facts.

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George Will’s recent editorial titled "Litigation Nation" describes our country as one where children cannot go out to play at recess and teachers can do nothing to discipline or instruct their students. Will claims that due to a fear or being sued, Americans are forced to be so precautious, that children are left with no other option than to stay inside and watch television.

However, Will takes a very narrow look at a few isolated incidents of people overreacting to a fear of being sued or settling a case, that may have had little merit in the courtroom, for a substantial amount of money. In reality, lawsuits have decreased over the last few years. Will fails to include all of the facts surrounding each of the situations he highlights. The examples given by Will do not represent the majority of legitimate claims that are brought by those severely injured by the negligence of others.

On the flip side, Will fails to explore the benefits that lawsuits bring to our nation. Lawsuits protect people from dangerous prescription drugs, unnecessary medical errors, and fatal automobile crashes.

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