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Forbes Writer Recognizes Need for Tort Attorneys

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In a surprising article on Forbes. com, writer, William Baldwin, explores the important role that tort attorneys play in protecting Americans from unsafe food. He recognizes the need for tort attorneys in food-poisoning litigation, as the government has proven incapable of ensuring the safety of food on its own. Baldwin writes:

Government inspectors are on duty only some of the time, as we know from the Peanut Corp. of America fiasco. But the marketplace is a constant enforcer. Lawsuits do their part, along with the cost of recalls and the damage to brand names, to keep food companies alert. If it’s expensive to make mistakes, more money will go into the detection and prevention of microbes.

Although Baldwin may disagree about the need to tort attorneys in other areas, it is undeniable that lawsuits have brought about many positive changes related to the safety of Americans. From dangerous drugs to trucking laws, tort attorneys have gotten the people’s attention and forced big companies to make safer products and the government to pass laws that protect Americans. Baldwin recognizes that adding tort law to technology equals a powerful force in consumer safety. I think most of us on InjuryBoard would agree.