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Requested Allstate Files Could Show Bad Faith

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Secret Allstate documents – coined the “McKinsey documents” – allegedly show how the company has intentionally made low-ball claim offers to its customers for years, netting Allstate billions of dollars.

But the McKinsey documents have yet to be seen. These documents could be potentially devastating to them in insurance bad faith litigation.

Trial lawyers who have previously sued Allstate have sought copies of the documents and Allstate has reluctantly turned them over to lawyers by subpoena. However, every time a judge has prohibited lawyers from distributing them to the media by protective order.

Florida now is demanding the documents from Allstate and other insurers in a broad-based investigation of the companies’ business practices, including alleged collusion with other insurers and their claims handling procedures.

The issue came to a head last week, when Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty suspended Allstate’s right to issue new insurance policies in Florida. A judge later lifted McCarty’s suspension.