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Suicide Prevention

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The rule of thumb is that every threat and sign of suicide should be taken seriously. It’s better to err on the side caution. Some warning signs that a person may be in danger of suicide include: talking about suicide or death, giving verbal cues such as, "I wish I were dead" and "I’m going to end it all," and giving less direct verbal cues, such as "What’s the point of living." Individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, and alcohol abuse are at a higher risk of commiting suicide.

If faced with a suicidal person, call for emergency assistance and stay with the person until assistance arrives. The ideal situation would be that the person at risk for suicide would agree to appropriate teatment for his or her underlying depression, anxiety, or other mental health illness or substance abuse problem in order to reduce or eliminate the risk of suicide.

For more information on preventing suicides seewww.ohiospf.org/about