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Alison De Villiers
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Summer Pool Safety

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Drownings are 100% preventable. But unfortunately, about 10 people die per day due to unintentional drowning. Additionally, more than 850 spinal cord injuries result from pool injuries each year. While swimming is a great summer activity, it is important to make safety the #1 priority.

Here are some summer pool safety tips:

-Never leave a child unattended.

-Make sure supervising adults know CPR and can rescue a child if necessary.

-Make sure your pool is surrounded by a fence with a latching gate.

-Keep rescue equipment and a phone near the pool.

-Do not bring glass into the pool area.

-Do not run or horseplay in the pool area.

-Prevent bacteria from entering the pool by keeping diapers and open wounds out of the pool.

-Do not dive into the shallow end of a pool.

Following these tips can help your family to have a safe summer at the pool.