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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month in Ohio

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            Ohio is among the top 5 states with the most motorcycle riders.  Motorcycle sales here have increased by about 16% per year.  With growing popularity comes an increased need to educate motorists on motorcycle awareness and safety.


            Here are a few tips for a safe 2008 riding season:


-         Riders must have a valid motorcycle license, quality motorcycle training, and proper safety equipment.  Many motorcycle accidents are the result of untrained and unlicensed riders.

-         Ride sober.  Nearly half of motorcycle fatalities are alcohol related.

-         Motorists should remember that a motorcycle is a vehicle with all the same privileges on the road.  Give the motorcycle a full lane of travel.

-         Don’t follow a motorcycle too closely.  Allow enough room for the motorcyclist to take evasive action for a hazard, if necessary.  For instance, when encountering a pothole, gravel, slippery pavement, and railroad crossings a rider may need to take evasive action.


            For additional safety and training information, visit Motorcycle Ohio’s Web site.