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Citizens of Ohio awaken from your long slumber! Your independent courts have almost vanished. Like any good democracy checks and balances between branches of government are vitally important. The legislature passes laws but the judicial branch determines if the new laws violate the state constitution. If the judicial branch becomes too cozy with the legislative branch, the citizens of Ohio suffer.

During the last 20 years we have witnessed an unprecedented assault on the concept that those who cause harm should pay for that harm. Since insurance companies usually have to pay for the damage caused by the negligence, they have a vested interest in trying to change the laws to benefit their shareholders. In Ohio that has become fairly easy. The insurance companies approach the legislature for changes in the laws to benefit them and make it harder for people harmed by negligence to recover their full damages. This is now called lobbying but used to be called bribery. Ohio’s Republican legislature accepts the insurance money in exchange for passing laws which create windfall profits for insurance companies at the expense of those injured.

For years these bad laws were held unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court. During the last 5 years the Ohio Supreme Court has taken a hands-off approach to bad laws. The Republican court rarely challenges the legislature no matter how bad the newly enacted laws are.

It is important for all citizens of Ohio to join in an effort to make Ohio judges truly independent so laws are judged on their merit instead of being rubber stamped.

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