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Unfortunately insurance companies and the US Chamber of Commerce have declared war on innocent victims of negligence. They have framed the discussion in such a way that makes it seem that society loses when an accident victim makes a claim for money damages for an injury. A closer look reveals the fallacy in the argument and the real reason they are trying to paint the victims as money grabbing opportunists.

When one negligent driver crashes into another and causes injury who should pay for the resulting damage? The negligent driver of course! Their auto insurance company should be required to pay the medical expenses and lost wages of the injured driver. Obviously this will cost the insurance company money that they would rather pay to their shareholders. So what happens if they don’t pay for the damages?

If the auto insurance company avoids paying, who pays the medical expenses of the victim? It could be health insurance or it could be medicare or medicaid. Either way society bears the cost which should have been paid by the auto insurance company of the party at fault. If the victim loses time off work, who pays if the auto insurance refuses? Again we all pay in the form of public assistance to help the victim back on his/her feet. If that innocent party can never work again then Social Security Disability may provide some wage loss assistance. Again, by ducking their responsibility, the auto insurance company that should be paying lost wages passes that burden on the the taxpayers of this country.

The next time you see an Allstate commercial suggesting they will fight not to pay an injured victim you now know why. They would rather have that injured party collect money from state public assistance rather than them. Fight back, make Allstate and all auto insurance companies pay their fair share.

If you are insured by Allstate change companies as soon as you can! You are not in good hands with Allstate!

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