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While countless hours are spent developing safety programs for those involved in physical labor such as construction and manufacturing, there seems to be less attention focused on safety in the office environment. Every office worker is exposed to hazards in the workplace on a daily basis. Avoiding injury seems like common sense, but a few areas need attention.

Trip and fall injuries are the most common office related injury. Keep the workplace free from clutter to lessen the risk for falls. Keep stairwells well lit and free from objects anywhere on the stairs. Do not use stairs for storage. If you need to reach above your head, always use a stepladder. It may seem quicker to change a light bulb while standing on a chair, rather than getting the stepladder out of the closet. However, a chair is not made to stand on, and you can easily lose your balance and fall. Don’t do it! Get a ladder!

Snow and ice can cause problems during the winter months in the north. Generally, business owners have no duty to protect workers from falls on natural accumulations of snow and ice, at least in Ohio. Ohio is one of the most hazardous states to work because the laws are heavily weighted in favor of employers at the expense of workers. Wear sturdy, treaded boots when traversing snow and ice to get to the office.

Any New Year’s resolution should include being safe in the workplace.

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